The Kansas City Chiefs’ Season Can Be Called a Success, but #RunItBack Can’t Be

The Kansas City Chiefs’ Season Can Be Called a Success, but #RunItBack Can’t Be

Last offseason, the Kansas City Chiefs brought back the vast majority of their Super Bowl-winning roster as they attempted to become back-to-back Super Bowl champions. Their offseason motto was clear. Run It Back. While it’s possible to argue that the Chiefs had a “successful” 2020 season that ended with another AFC Championship, we may as well acknowledge a disappointing truth: the Run It Back campaign failed.

We talked about the idea of “Super Bowl or bust” on the Roughing the Kicker podcast a couple of times during the season, but now the year is over, Arrowhead Report’s Mark Van Sickle joined me to discuss the season in retrospect and to decide if the season was ultimately a “bust.”

This isn’t something fun to talk about it, I get it. The feelings of the Super Bowl aren’t fun to rehash. I’ve done my best to avoid all pictures, videos, articles and feelings about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ dominating victory, but sometimes it’s time to face the music.

Was #RunItBack a failure? 

I wrestled with the question for a while, as it’s a somewhat complicated one. After giving it some thought, I came to the realization that two things can be true: the season can still be a success despite losing the Super Bowl, and Kansas City didn’t successfully “run it back.”

The Chiefs’ ultimate goal was to win their second consecutive Super Bowl. When they started the season and brought back 18 of 22 starters, their plan was to go back to the big game and win it again. That didn’t happen. Therefore, the Run It Back campaign can’t be called a success, and that sucks.

On the other hand, making it to the last game of the season is hard to do once and it’s even tougher the second time. Give Andy Reid and everyone involved credit. With the target on their back, Kansas City was able to make it to their second Super Bowl despite taking every team’s best shot while a pandemic raged on in the background. That’s no small feat.

In addition to the team’s collective success, tight end Travis Kelce, wide receiver Tyreek Hill and quarterback Patrick Mahomes all set individual records in the regular season. Mahomes was an MVP candidate while Kelce and Hill took turns at the top of the receiving yards leaderboard.

While losing the Super Bowl was miserable and didn’t make the season as a whole a failure, the same can’t be said about the Run It Back movement. The success of the whole campaign hinged on winning one game, and it just so happened to be the worst game the Chiefs played all year.

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