Former WWE Champion Sheamus Demands a One-on-One Match with His Former Best Friend Drew McIntyre

Former WWE Champion Sheamus Demands a One-on-One Match with His Former Best Friend Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre suffered a massive blow when he lost the WWE Championship to The Miz at Elimination Chamber 2021. However, McIntyre’s biggest on-screen foe and real-life friend, Sheamus, still wants the much-awaited grudge match.

Following his loss on Sunday, McIntyre shocked the fans when he did not appear on WWE RAW for the first time in a year.

On Monday, Sheamus took on and defeated Jeff Hardy in a singles match. Following the match, the Irish man had some choice words for his former best friend, but more on that later.

Sheamus continued to bring McIntyre out of his shell today as well. He uploaded a 2006 picture on Instagram, where he defeated “The Scottish Psychopath” in an IWW match.

IWW or Irish Whip Wrestling is an indie promotion that has incubated many WWE stars including Sheamus, McIntyre, Wade Barrett, NXT Champion Finn Balor, Sami Zayn, and AJ Styles.

Sheamus is not done with Drew McIntyre yet

While many thought McIntyre vs Sheamus will headline WrestleMania, Elimination Chamber ruined it all. However, Sheamus wants to face McIntyre with or without the title.

Following the win over Hardy, Sheamus revealed his intentions in a backstage interview. He said he was robbed of the opportunity to face McIntyre at the Chamber.

“What sort of politics is going on in this place, right? You promised something, and it’s never delivered. Drew McIntyre, two weeks in a row I had you beat — the first time it was a sure-fire thing, the second, well, it was going to be an obvious victory for me,” Sheamus said.

“You could have avoided all this mess, this entire mess if you’d just given me what I deserved,” he referred to McIntyre’s loss to Miz. “No, this isn’t satisfying (win over Hardy), but it will be satisfying when I get Drew McIntyre 1-on-1 because that’s been brewing for 20 years.”

However, reports say McIntyre was backstage but not used. Next week on RAW, there will be a title match between Bobby Lashley and The Miz.

There is no news on Sheamus vs McIntyre as of now.

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