Fernando Alonso’s Cycling Accident Isn’t the First Time the Ex F1 Champion’s Had a Close Shave

Fernando Alonso’s Cycling Accident Isn’t the First Time the Ex F1 Champion’s Had a Close Shave

The F1 community has been looking forward to welcoming Fernando Alonso to the grid this season. However, the Spaniard was involved in an unfortunate accident recently. Reports claim that Alonso was run over while he was cycling, which is one of his biggest passions.

He was treated at the site and was transferred to a local hospital for several radiological tests. However, this is not the first time Alonso had a scary incident. The first one came in 2009 on his way back to Spain from Kenya after his Christmas holidays.

A report said, “The Asturian pilot saw how the takeoff maneuver of the private jet in which he was preparing to travel had to be interrupted after one of the wings of the aircraft collided with an airport control building.”

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – Fernando Alonso of McLaren and Spain immediately after his crash during the Australian Formula One Grand Prix. At the Albert Park in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Peter J Fox/Getty Images)

The report also mentioned crucial information about his latest accident.

“Although the doctors seem to have a good prognosis since they would have assured him that it’s not so bad that you can’t run or miss the mid-March tests or the start of the season in Bahrain on March 28,” it stated.

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The biggest scare for Fernando Alonso

The biggest scare of Alonso’s F1 career came in 2015 after an accident during a preseason test with McLaren. It was at turn 4 at the Circuit de Catalunya where his car had a mechanical failure. He was later taken to a hospital and missed the season opener that season.

“The car had something, the steering was blocked, I remember the accident and that is what happened. If it is not seen in the telemetry it is because we still do not have the appropriate technology,” Alonso said after the accident.

According to the reports, the Spaniard is in a good condition after this week’s accident and the injuries sustained are not very serious. Alpine has confirmed that Alonso is in good condition and are waiting on further test results.

The unfortunate accident may move the former champion’s comeback by a few weeks. The F1 community was looking forward to the Spaniard competing on the grid. We wish Alonso a quick recovery and hopefully, the tests will also spell some positive news.

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