The Sentinelese stand guard on an island beach. © Christian Caron – Creative Commons A-NC-SA

Check out this Isolated and Dangerous Tribe on their Mysterious Island Home

Imagine a place unchanged by modern life and people disconnected from the world. This remote tribe lives in the jungle of a small island and attacks anyone reaching their shore (1). This place and its warlike people are as interesting as they are mysterious.

Found in the Indian Ocean is the unassuming North Sentinel Island. Known for tropical storms, cyclones, and pirates, the Indian Ocean has taken many lives (2). It’s here, a small square-shaped island roughly 24 square miles that holds the most isolated people on earth. A thick jungle canopy still holds much of the island’s secrets, because those who venture there don’t return…

The Sentinelese Tribe

The Sentinelese tribe is so secretive that little is known about them. They don’t risk traveling to the shoreline unless confronting an unwanted visitor. Drones have captured footage of them through the trees but must keep their distance as they sustain attacks. Their clothing is simple and minimal, made from resources on the island.

They paint themselves with decorative markings and live in basic huts. Curiously, they don’t have any desire to interact with the outside world. Documented encounters with the Sentinelese tribe have ended in bloodshed for unlucky travelers. The Indian government prohibits travel to North Sentinel Island for the safety of those involved.

A Hostile People Violently Attacking Anyone Who Comes Near

One encounter happened in 2006 and involved two fishermen.

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