What’s Leaving Hulu in February 2021? Everything on the Platform’s Last-Call List
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What’s Leaving Hulu in February 2021? Everything on the Platform’s Last-Call List

February is, of course, the shortest month of the year. That means Hulu viewers will need to act fast if they plan on getting through all of the movies on the streamer’s last-call list for next month.

There are no shows leaving the service in February, so Hulu subscribers can continue binge-watching seasons of their favorite series for the time being. However, there are quite a few great films that are scheduled to disappear from the platform, like Stanley Kubrick’s steamy, psychological drama Eyes Wide Shut.

In the film, Tom Cruise plays Dr. Bill Harford, who embarks on a dark night of the soul when he learns that his wife—Nicole Kidman’s Alice—has had a sexual fantasy about another man and even considered acting on that spicy scenario. Alice’s revelation sends Bill spiraling to a point where he gets himself involved in a sketchy secret society and makes decisions that could potentially ruin his marriage, and cost him his life. It’s a creepy and enthralling watch, and could make for an interesting bit of Valentine’s Day programming, but it won’t be available on Hulu for much longer after that.

If you need something a little less toxic, romantic dramas like The Garden of Eden—based on the Ernest Hemingway novel of the same name—and the rom-com Love Is All There Is are also worth watching before Hulu gives them the boot.

Cujo, Face/Off, The Hurt Locker, Me, Myself and Irene—all these movies and dozens more are set to leave Hulu in February, too.

See everything disappearing from Hulu in February below.

What's Leaving Hulu in February 2021?
A number of films will be removed from Hulu in February 2021.
Ted Soqui/Corbis via Getty Images

February 8

District 9

Year One

February 10

The Girl Next Door

February 14

Spy Kids 4

Stir of Echoes

February 28

3 Ninjas

American Dragons

American Psycho

American Psycho 2


Broken Arrow



Changing Lanes

Con Air

Cool Blue

Criminal Law



Desperate Hours

Deuces Wild

Dragonball: Evolution

Employee of the Month

Enemy at the Gate

Eyes Wide Shut


Fun in Acapulco

Garfield a Tail of Two Kitties

Girl Most Likely

Grosse Pointe Blank

Hanoi Hilton

Hemingway’s Garden of Eden

Here On Earth


Invasion U.S.A.

John Grisham’s The Rainmaker

Kiss the Girls

Last of the Mohicans: Director’s Cut

Lost In Space

Love Is All There Is

Love Potion No. 9

Mad Money

Man of La Mancha

Me, Myself And Irene

Mr. North

Much Ado About Nothing

Music Within

Our Family Wedding

Pieces of April

Places in the Heart



Southside With You


Teen Wolf

The Dead Zone

The Firm

The Gift

The House on Carroll Street

The Hurt Locker

The Juror

The Last House on the Left

The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

The Mechanic

The Peacemaker

The Portrait of a Lady

The Quick and the Dead

Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her

This World, Then the Fireworks

Universal Soldier



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