‘Ted Cruz, Go F–k Yourself’: John Boehner Goes Off-Script While Recording Audio Book
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‘Ted Cruz, Go F–k Yourself’: John Boehner Goes Off-Script While Recording Audio Book


Former House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) took a swipe at fellow Republican Ted Cruz while recording an ad-libbed expletive-filled audio version of his new book ‘On the House: A Washington Memoir’, Axios reported, showing that no love has been lost between the two Republican leaders who have clashed several times in the past.

Former House Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) new memoir focuses on his time in Washington.

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Key Facts

According to Axios, Boehner has been frequently going off script while recording the audio version of his new memoir, sprinkling in expletives and asides not present in the book.

One instance the report highlights is when Boehner purportedly says  “Oh, and Ted Cruz, go f—k yourself.”

A spokesperson for Boehner confirmed to Axios that there were some “off-script moments” while recording the audio book adding that Boehner “pretty much just let it fly” as he is “not really interested in being anything other than himself these days.”

The ad-libbed audio version of the book will be priced at a much steeper $39.99, which is $10 higher than the hardcover print version’s retail price.

Crucial Quote

Boehner hinted at the use of colorful language in his audiobook on Thursday, tweeting: “Poured myself a glass of something nice to read my audiobook. You can blame the wine for the expletives.”

Key Background

After stepping down as House Speaker and resigning from Congress in 2015, Boehner has not shied away from speaking his mind when talking about his former colleagues. In 2016, while addressing a crowd in Stanford University Boehner unloaded on Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) referring to him as “Lucifer in the flesh.” He then added, “I have never worked with a more miserable son of a b— in my life.” Reports at the time suggested that Cruz played a role in forcing Boehner’s resignation by galvanizing a group of very conservative House Republicans to challenge Boehner’s leadership.

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