People Are Sharing Their Most Embarrassing Regrets, And Funny Is An Understatement
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People Are Sharing Their Most Embarrassing Regrets, And Funny Is An Understatement

We’re not laughing at you, we’re laughing with you.

A scene from The Real Housewives of New Jersey went mega-viral on TikTok this January after user @amiryaassofficial pointed out that the sound was fitting for Trump leaving the White House:

Since then, people have been using the sound to recall their most embarrassing moments to date, like user @michaelslagel who unexpectedly met Ariana Grande while he was bawling:

His only picture with her was taken mid-cry because he was in the middle of an argument with his dad:

User @dealerbae has deep regrets after hopping on her mom’s back, thinking her parents were playing horses in bed:

Turns out her parents were — you guessed it — just having sex:

User @brodarragh cringed remembering that time he filmed his friend’s very first hug with a crush:

It’s the most awkwardly cute thing ever, though.

@spencewuah reminisced about a time when he found a wedding dress in his teacher’s closet, so he put it on and paraded around the halls in it:

Personally, I would not regret this moment at all.

Riding all the rides alone at an amusement park is an embarrassing moment that sticks out in @zps18xo‘s mind:

This actually might be some peoples’ dream day, though.

Lots of people shared the sexual curiosity they had as children, like user @kayleetherambo, who didn’t realize she was telling her parents she needed to orgasm every night to relax:

And user @jinawithaphatpussay remembered when she used to make her parents and her friends wait until she ~finished~:

TikTok user @giannarowe admitted that she used to spy on her special needs sister because she was convinced she was faking her disability:

Getting stabbed in the balls during the school play was really embarrassing (and painful) for user @jakeprizant:

And @mellorlite had a traumatic haircut after his sister convinced him to cut his hair like Dr. Phil:

Poor kid won’t ever forget how he looked in fifth grade.

There are hundreds more embarrassing moments on TikTok using this sound. Check out more here!

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