Random: Can’t Visit Super Nintendo World IRL? Check Out This Minecraft Version Instead

Random: Can’t Visit Super Nintendo World IRL? Check Out This Minecraft Version Instead

Although we may never get the chance to visit the fabled Super Nintendo World ourselves (pandemic aside, it’s bloody pricey to fly all the way to Japan, not to mention the theme park tickets), we sure do have a lot of fun vicariously flicking through the photos. We’ve fallen in love with Chonky Toad, added “ride the Mario train” to our bucket lists, and decided which merch we’d buy from the shop.

It may not quite be the same, but Dippy22 is in the middle of making a 1:1 recreation of Super Nintendo World in Minecraft. Although there’s no Chonky Toad, and we’d be the… only people visiting, it’s the closest we’ll get for a while.

So far, the project is only 5% finished, according to Dippy’s page on Planet Minecraft, which means that only a few bits of the park have actually been recreated in block-style. Dippy has been updating the page every now and again (we’ve had our eye on it since December), adding new screenshots and information, including the promise that the server will soon be open for previews. Just like the real Super Nintendo World! Only you there’s no risk that you’ll catch a deadly communicable disease at this one!

Dippy has a history with creating Nintendo builds, as well as theme parks, with one build themed around Zelda, Pokémon, and Super Mario, and another made as a tribute to Disney’s Star Wars-themed Galaxy’s Edge park.

Cool idea, or destined to be “Cease and Desist”ed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

[source planetminecraft.com]

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