Liberty HS Students Want Body Slam Officer Fired, Trust in Cops Destroyed

Liberty HS Students Want Body Slam Officer Fired, Trust in Cops Destroyed

Liberty High School Students
Want Body Slam Cop Fired …
Trust in Cops Now Destroyed

1/28/2021 1:00 AM PT



The students of Liberty High — where a teen was body-slammed by a resource officer — say the cop has no business being on campus anymore, because he’s a menace.

Students at the Florida school tell us … the sentiment among classmates is pretty much universal … Officer Ethan Fournier must be fired — or at the very least, permanently removed from duty at Liberty.

We’re told lots of the kids no longer trust campus cops and they feel their safety is in jeopardy. We’re hearing some students and their families are considering transferring out because of the incident … that’s how rattled everyone is.

Take senior Trey’vion Telfair … who tells TMZ he used to think Officer Fournier was a good guy. He says Fournier participated in police brutality seminars for Liberty’s Black Student Union back in September, and seemed genuine … saying he stood with them.

Telfair now thinks it was all an act. Ditto for junior Daijah Watts, who says she remembers Fournier as a relatively chill dude … but does recall one time when he allegedly went too far.

Osceola County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

Watts claims she saw Fournier use pepper spray on a group of kids who were fighting 2 years ago. She now thinks the whole department is suspicious. Speaking of Liberty brass, we’re told the school’s offered up mental health resources for their kids and teachers alike … making school psychologists, counselors and social workers available to anyone who needs to talk.

The Osceola County School District tells us the administration is also in touch with the girl who was slammed, as well as her family, and is offering professional resources to her too.

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