DMX’s Family Warns of Scammers Raising Money for His Funeral

DMX’s Family Warns of Scammers Raising Money for His Funeral

DMX’s Family
Warns of Scammers Raising Cash …
We Have Funeral Covered

4/12/2021 2:30 PM PT

DMX‘s family is NOT strapped for cash, and is NOT asking the public to chip in for burial expenses — and if you see anything online saying otherwise … it’s total bunk.

X’s direct family members tell TMZ … there’s been a lot of unfounded rumors circulating after DMX’s death last week, including a particularly absurd one — namely, that his inner circle is raising money to help pay for his upcoming funeral.

This one’s pretty easy to throw water on, because we’re told family members are absolutely not raising money, and they actually want the public to know any campaigns suggesting the contrary are completely bogus, and not connected to the fam at all.

The family says it’s aware there is any number of flat-out scammers out there soliciting money in X’s name … and they just want fans to be wary.

Here’s another thing folks should be on the lookout for … our sources say X’s family is also NOT selling any DMX merch at this time, so if you’re seeing stuff hitting the market now — his family didn’t authorize it, and they’re not profiting from it.

Jay Z is doing another legendary act for the culture of hip hop.

Jay Z and Beyonce are buying back DMX’s masters for $10,000,000.00 and will give to his 17 kids for free.

— Phenomenal Reporters (@PhenoReporters) April 10, 2021

One last wild theory that’s been floating around — you might’ve heard Jay-Z and Beyonce bought DMX’s masters for a cool $10 mil with the idea of making sure his kids can reap the profits down the line. Yeah, the family’s also setting that record straight, and … it’s BS.

The family says X’s masters aren’t in play with Jay and Bey at all. Yes, some are still under Def Jam control — but not owned by Jay outright.


Thus far, X has been honored in a few unofficial ways since his passing — fans created a makeshift memorial outside the hospital he was being treated, and there was also a prayer vigil held a few days before he died.

We also know X will be honored in some capacity in his hometown of Yonkers, where the Mayor suggested the fam hold a public memorial at its famous raceway. Like we said, a public and private service are currently in the works, and plans are being finalized this week.

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