Congressman Tom Emmer Appears Upside-Down on Zoom During Hearing

Congressman Tom Emmer Appears Upside-Down on Zoom During Hearing

Rep. Tom Emmer
‘You’re Upside-Down, Tom!!!’ …
Zoom Gets Another One

2/11/2021 7:38 AM PT

Congressman Tom Emmer‘s the latest grown man to get burned by the novelty settings on Zoom, but just like the kitten lawyer before him … he tried to power through it.

When the Minnesota Representative called in for a House Financial Services Committee hearing, he appeared upside-down. That didn’t stop Tom from plowing ahead about COVID and the economy, but Chairwoman Maxine Waters cut him off and asked … “Are you okay?”

That’s when someone else hilariously exclaimed, “You’re upside-down, Tom,” which revealed Congressman Emmer knew that he was … but didn’t know how to fix it.

It’s the second time this week a Zoom mishap’s gone viral, and of course, the other participants at the House hearing let Tom know about it … referencing the recent virtual court proceeding in which a Texas lawyer appeared as a cat.

Much like Tom, the lawyer was willing to ignore the elephant kitten in the room and proceed with the hearing … saying, “I’m here live; I’m not a cat.”

After his own debacle, Emmer tweeted a photo of his upside-down Zoom appearance and captioned it, “I am not a cat.”

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