CM Punk On Chris Jericho’s Appearance on WWE Network, ‘Vince Isn’t Afraid of AEW’

CM Punk On Chris Jericho’s Appearance on WWE Network, ‘Vince Isn’t Afraid of AEW’

Chris Jericho
CM Punk Intrigued By WWE Appearance
Shows ‘Vince Isn’t Afraid of AEW’

4/6/2021 12:20 AM PT


“I think it’s interesting for sure.”

That’s CM Punk weighing in on Chris Jericho‘s upcoming interview on WWE Network … the first time Jericho will appear on a WWE platform since leaving the company in 2018.

“Honestly, my major reaction and opinion on it is I think that it shows Vince McMahon isn’t afraid of AEW at all because if he was, he wouldn’t allow that to happen.”


FYI, Jericho currently works for WWE rival All Elite Wrestling (he’s a former AEW World Champion) — and everyone is waiting to hear what he has to say about his former and current employer when he sits down with Stone Cold Steve Austin for his “Broken Skull Sessions” show, set to air on WWE Network (and NBC Peacock) on on April 11.

Hell Yeah!!! RT @WWENetwork: No foolin’ around here. You’re gonna get … IT! 🤯 @IAmJericho joins @steveaustinBSR on the next #BrokenSkullSessions, premiering Sunday, April 11 on @PeacockTV in the U.S. and @WWENetwork everywhere else!

— Steve Austin (@steveaustinBSR) April 2, 2021

For the most part, WWE doesn’t really play into feuds with rival wrestling promotions — but Jericho was a staple in Vince McMahon’s operation for nearly 20 years … and a massive fan favorite.

So, how will things go down when Jericho gets in the hot seat? CM Punk has some thoughts …

“It feels like it’s gonna be softball questions. I don’t know if they’re going to ask Jericho all the tough questions — and nor do I think that they possibly should.”

He adds, “It will probably just be like a feel-good interview. They’ll talk about Jericho’s past at WWE, I’m sure they’ll mention AEW but they won’t get into the hard questions that I think a lot of people would be interested in.”

Ultimately, Punk thinks the interview is a win for both sides.

“Anytime anybody’s talking about you, it’s good. There will be people who don’t know AEW exists who will watch it and say ‘Oh wow cool, I didn’t know that, I just thought Jericho was retired.’ But, there is also something to be said about keeping your guys special and the only place you can see the superstar is on my television show. It’s new age and I think both companies need all the eyeballs they can get at the moment so kudos to everybody involved.”

BONUS! We also spoke with Punk about a possible return to the MMA cage for a 3rd pro fight … and while he acknowledges it’s unlikely, he’s not shutting the door completely.

“There’s a lot more gray in this beard than there was even a year ago. I never say never but I’m 42, I’m getting a little long in the tooth especially for MMA.”

“I still train but getting in the cage and fighting is a different animal. You gotta commit to a long training camp, especially for me because I started way late so my knowledge of everything and my, ya know, just experiences is at a lower level. I just decided to fight at the highest level for some silly reason.”

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