21 Behind-The-Scenes Tidbits About “Friends” That Just Make Rewatching The Show For The Millionth Time That Much Better
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21 Behind-The-Scenes Tidbits About “Friends” That Just Make Rewatching The Show For The Millionth Time That Much Better

Could these BE any more interesting?

Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite behind-the-scenes Friends facts. Here are some of the best!


In one of the episodes, Chandler was supposed to say “Donald Trump wants his blue blazer back” to mock Joey. However, Matthew Perry accidentally said “Donald Trump wants his blue blazer black,” and they decided to keep it in.



Phoebe was supposed to end up with David, not Mike.


“Phoebe was originally supposed to end up with David the scientist, but the writers liked Paul Rudd’s Mike so much that they changed who she ended up with. And I think the world is better for it.”



Chandler and Joey’s dog statue actually belonged to Jennifer Aniston. She was gifted it when she got the role of Rachel.


“Pat the Dog (the big white dog statue) was actually Jennifer Aniston’s.”



The cast of Friends went to Caesar’s Palace just before the show began airing as their last chance at anonymity. This is the same casino the characters visit in Season 5.


“Just before the first episode aired, they went to Caesar’s Palace for dinner and a night of gambling to have fun. The guy who directed the pilot (James Burrows) said it’d be their last chance at anonymity because they’d be famous afterward, so he took them all to Vegas. It’s the same casino where Joey gets a job and they all go to Vegas to get him.”



Despite Joey being horrible at French, Matt LeBlanc is actually fluent.


“In ‘The One Where Joey Speaks French,’ [Joey] is not speaking French at all, but both Matt LeBlanc and Lisa Kudrow speak French fluently!”



David Schwimmer actually directed multiple episodes of Friends.

Warner Bros. / Courtesy Everett Collection

“He directed ‘The One with the Red Sweater’ and ‘The One with All the Candy.'”



The scene where Phoebe sings along to Ross playing the bagpipes while the other characters try to hold in their laughter is actually a blooper that made it into the episode.



The theme song was originally supposed to be “Shiny Happy People” by REM. They ended up going with “I’ll Be There for You” by the Rembrandts, who only wrote a little snippet of it for the show — but it got so popular that they later recorded a whole version.


“The original theme song was supposed to be ‘Shiny Happy People’ by REM. I don’t know why they went with ‘I’ll Be There for You’ instead, but that song was written specifically for the show by the Rembrandts.”


“The theme song wasn’t originally an entire song. They wrote just enough for the introduction. People requested it so much on the radio that they ended up recording a whole song.”



Bruce Willis only guest-starred because he lost a bet to Matthew Perry.

Warner Bros. / Courtesy Everett Collection

“Bruce Willis only [guest] starred in Friends because he lost a bet with Matthew Perry. They worked together on the film The Whole Nine Yards. Perry bet that the film would top the box office, while Willis bet against. The film topped the box office for multiple weeks and thus, Paul Stevens was born. Willis ended up winning an Emmy for his part and he donated his fee to five different charities.”



In the episode where Ross and Ben prank Rachel by throwing a dummy of Ross down the stairs, Jennifer Aniston’s reaction was genuine.


“At the end of the episode where Rachel teaches Ben how to prank adults, when Ross and Ben scare Rachel to teach her a lesson by using a Ross-like doll to fall down the stairs, no one told Aniston about the doll and her scared reaction is 100% real! She actually thought Schwimmer fell.”



Monica and Chandler weren’t supposed to end up together.

Warner Bros. / Courtesy Everett Collection

“Monica and Chandler weren’t supposed to end up married. They were originally only going to hook up in London, but the audience reaction was too much to be ignored.”



In fact, Joey and Monica were supposed to be the main couple of the show.

Warner Bros. / Courtesy Everett Collection

“Joey and Monica were supposed to be the main ‘will they won’t they’ couple, but the strong chemistry between Ross and Rachel (who were never meant to go beyond the pilot) changed that and ended up being the show’s longest plot.”



Emily was often shown on the phone because the actor was pregnant.


“Emily was always shown in bed talking to Ross long distance because she was visibly pregnant.”



The fridge in Monica and Rachel’s apartment was fully functioning.


“The fridge in Monica and Rachel’s apartment actually worked and held water bottles and other drinks for the cast and crew.”



Jennifer Aniston was already starring on the CBS show Muddling Through, so NBC actively tried to tank the show.

ELP Communications / Courtesy Everett Collection

“Aniston had another show she was already starring in, so [NBC] actively tanked that show’s first season so she could sign on to Friends.”


“NBC purposely aired TV movies during the Muddling Through time slot to pull viewers and thus drop Muddling Through’s ratings. Jennifer Aniston also wanted to do Friends because the production team, test audience, etc. anticipated it being huge and her current show was just mediocre. While it got picked up for a second season (barely), it wasn’t anticipated to last very long after that.”



Aniston reportedly turned down a spot on SNL just before Friends.

NBC / Via youtube.com

“Jennifer Aniston was planning on becoming part of the SNL cast but reportedly declined the offer in 1990, leading to her eventual acceptance of the role of Rachel in 1994 for Friends. She later hosted, yes HOSTED, SNL in 1999.”



Matthew Perry banging his head on the metal drawer in “The One with the Cuffs” was accidental.



Matt LeBlanc injured his arm in ‘The One Where No One’s Ready,’ which is why Joey’s arm is in a sling in the next episode.


“When Joey’s arm is in a sling and they said it’s because he was jumping on the bed, Matt LeBlanc really injured his shoulder filming the previous episode, ‘The One Where No One’s Ready.’ Joey and Chandler spend that episode fighting over a chair and LeBlanc hurt himself jumping across the coffee table.”



And finally, despite 9/11 happening as the show was airing, Friends didn’t incorporate it into the storyline. Instead, they honored New York and its firemen in the background of many shots, as seen below.


“Even with the show being set in New York, the writers, producers, and actors decided not to include 9/11 into a storyline. Instead, they would have the characters wear shirts, hats, and jackets with NY firefighters, police officers, and so on to show their support.”


What’s your favorite behind-the-scenes Friends fact? Let us know in the comments!

Note: Submissions have been edited for length/clarity.

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